A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Drift along in analog or zip to the finish in digital - you decide! A new spin on the side-scroller experience.

Developed by: Abhishek Biswas, Ryan Bobell, Rook, Kevin Shi, Yoon Joo Soo, DJ

The Speed of Sound was created during USC's 24-hour Newbies and Vets Game Jam in September 2015. I acted in the capacity of programmer and concept designer. This also happens to be the first interactive experience I've worked on. The game was developed in Unity Engine and programmed in C#.

This 2D side-scroller allows the player to take the form of a waveform as they avoid incoming obstacles. The gameplay is underscored by an integral "phase-changing" mechanic which allows rapid switching between analog and digital waveforms. In analog, movement is slower and more controlled, whereas the digital form allows for rapid traversal in straight lines. The dichotomy between these two forms of play gives rise to a delicate balance between the composed and the frenetic that lends itself to an addictive feedback loop.

Install instructions

The downloadable .zip file contains executables for:

  • Linux (32-bit) (.x86)
  • Linux (64-bit) (.x86_64)
  • Mac OSX (.app)
  • Windows (32-bit) (.exe)
  • Windows (64-bit) (.exe)

Unzip, choose the appropriate version, and play! You may delete the folders/files for the versions you are not using without adverse effects.


Speed of Sound.zip (332 MB)

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