A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Many years ago, the world was swathed in darkness. Not a soul was spared by the menacing creatures which ruled the night. Amidst this fog of peril, a beacon of hope stood resplendent in all its glory... Defend the Tower of Yagura.

Developed by: Abhishek Biswas, Cory McKnight, Justin Camden, Ryan Stevenson

In this tower defense game, players defend the "Yagura" from hordes of adversaries while attempting to restore the monument to its former glory. By collecting "chakra" scattered throughout the game world and returning it to the center of power, the Yagura's power may be enhanced. When the Yagura has accumulated enough chakra, the darkness is dispelled.

Yagura was created during the Global Game Jam in January 2016. I took on the roles of programmer and designer on this project. The game was developed in Unity Engine and programmed in C#.

The team feels that Yagura has conceptual potential, and is prepared to revisit the prototype at a later date. A discussed avenue for expansion involves incorporating multiple modalities of play/win conditions to facilitate different player types (see Bartle's taxonomy of MUDs). Such alternate win conditions would place an emphasis on resource management, defense fortification, and PvP communication.


Arrow keys - Movement

K - Attack

Install instructions

The downloadable .zip file contains executables for:

  • Linux (32-bit) (.x86)
  • Linux (64-bit) (.x86_64)
  • Mac OSX (Universal) (.app)
  • Windows (Universal) (.exe)

Unzip, choose the appropriate version, and play! You may delete the folders/files for the versions you are not using without adverse effects.


Yagura.zip (119 MB)

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